Amigurumi and my love of cephalopods.

Hats are probably still my favorite thing to make, but I have become quite fond of the art of amigurumi.   I hate following patterns for it though.   I generally end up working through a pattern once, and then reworking the item until I’m satisfied with it.   I’m a bit of a perfectionist.   Most of the time, I just try to get a picture of what I want in my head and wing it.  Lately, I’ve been making a lot of little octopus and squid pieces.   I’ve always adored cephalopods in general.  Once, a few years ago(2014), I remember a museum in New Zealand live streamed a dissection of a colossal squid.  It was something like three hours long and I watched every second of it.   I just find them incredibly fascinating.   And I think the reason that I find cephalopods so very fun to work with in crochet is because you can shape them in so many different ways.  You can make them small and cute like the ones I’ve made in the picture below, or you can make them large and sort of almost realistic with long tentacles in different variations of curl and stretch.  I’ve been experimenting with the later of the two recently.   I have a goal of eventually making the most realistic looking cephalopods, perhaps even as a giant pillow plush sort of structure.  If you crochet, do you have any particular fondness of certain animals or goals associated with amigurumi?cephalopods


Hi, I’m Lauren, and I buy too much yarn.

I’ve been crocheting for a long time.   My grandmother crocheted, too.  In fact, she used to make dresses for the dolls she collected.  And one day, when I was a child, my grandmother taught me the basic chain stitch.   However, being a very hyper and impatient child does not readily allow for much focus on skill, and I never learned more than the basic single and double crochet stitches.

It wasn’t until around December of 2013 that I gave any thought at all to picking up a hook again.  I was twenty-four, had just been laid off from my day job due to a merger, and had developed a particularly delightful case of pneumonia that left me mostly confined to my bed.   Of course, that previously mentioned impatience and hyperness I had as a child grew into a severe anxiousness associated with any length of time spent being still, and I determined that I needed something to do that would give me some sense of being productive.  Thus, my yarn addiction was truly born.

I began by watching YouTube tutorials on how to crochet a basic beanie in the round.  Then I had to backtrack and relearn the basic stitches so that I could actually follow the tutorials.  It was incredibly frustrating, but by the next day, I had a (very unevenly stitched) dark blue beanie and a (somewhat rare for me) sense of pride and accomplishment.

Fast forward three and a half years, two moves, and a new day job later; I’ve made several hats of my own design (and sold a few), experimented with many different yarns and hooks, and bought so much yarn I have a shelf as tall as I am dedicated to it.  Join me as I document my continued journey of crafting and experimenting, and hopefully help others find their stride in a craft that really is tremendously rewarding.