Hi, I’m Lauren, and I buy too much yarn.

I’ve been crocheting for a long time.   My grandmother crocheted, too.  In fact, she used to make dresses for the dolls she collected.  And one day, when I was a child, my grandmother taught me the basic chain stitch.   However, being a very hyper and impatient child does not readily allow for much focus on skill, and I never learned more than the basic single and double crochet stitches.

It wasn’t until around December of 2013 that I gave any thought at all to picking up a hook again.  I was twenty-four, had just been laid off from my day job due to a merger, and had developed a particularly delightful case of pneumonia that left me mostly confined to my bed.   Of course, that previously mentioned impatience and hyperness I had as a child grew into a severe anxiousness associated with any length of time spent being still, and I determined that I needed something to do that would give me some sense of being productive.  Thus, my yarn addiction was truly born.

I began by watching YouTube tutorials on how to crochet a basic beanie in the round.  Then I had to backtrack and relearn the basic stitches so that I could actually follow the tutorials.  It was incredibly frustrating, but by the next day, I had a (very unevenly stitched) dark blue beanie and a (somewhat rare for me) sense of pride and accomplishment.

Fast forward three and a half years, two moves, and a new day job later; I’ve made several hats of my own design (and sold a few), experimented with many different yarns and hooks, and bought so much yarn I have a shelf as tall as I am dedicated to it.  Join me as I document my continued journey of crafting and experimenting, and hopefully help others find their stride in a craft that really is tremendously rewarding.


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